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Hack Name Autor Beschreibung Website
Acronym Mod  v0.9.5 CodemonkeyX Easily use Acronym Explainations in your Orion Forum.
Admin Account Actions  v1.3.3 Acid Simply overview of active and inactive Users of your Forum.
Admin Mass Delete Users  v1.1.0 Antony Bailey & Freakin' Booty Allows you to Mass-Delete Users in ACP
Advanced Quick Reply  v1.5.0 RustyDragon Adds a Quick Reply Field at the bottom of your Forum. Hack was modified for Orion 2x
Advanced Visual Confirmation  v1.1.1 AmigaLink Bot (with OCR Support) Secured Extended Visual Confirmation System.
AJAX Features  v1.0.6 alcaeus Adds AJAX Features to phpBB Orion.
Anti Aliased Smilies  v1.0.0 Forumimages Some nice Smilies with 3D and Shadow-Effect. Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Attachment Mod  v2.4.3 Acyd Burn File Attachment Mod for your Forum
BBcode Box Reloaded  v1.2.2 RedDog Adds a enlarged BBCode Function to your Board with many additional BBCodes and ACP Administration. Hack was enlarged for Orion 2x to include also in QuickReply, Notes, Knowledge Base, Signature CP, Calendar,...
Birthday Hack  v1.5.7 Niels This mod adds a birthday field into your Userprofile.
Calendar Lite  v1.4.7 WebSnail Adds a Calendar to your Forum. This is the Free (lite) Version of the Snailsource Calendar with less functionality
CBACK FastParse  v1.0.0 cback Some Kernel Optimations on Orion and the "Please wait" Button at QuickReply and Posting. And some functions wich can add a Post in QuickReply without the "Post entered Successfully" Message. Makes posting faster and the "Please Wait" shows your user
CBACK Neptuna  v1.0.0 cback This is an Orion only Template System modification wich adds ACP and SMOD CP Templates directly to this Forum-Functions. So you have one Style-Info for these parts and if you want to install more Templates you safe Webspace and if a Style doesn't work yo
CBACK Orion 2 Style  v1.0.0 cback This is the Standard Style for Orion 2 based on fisubsilversh from
CBACK Profiler  v1.0.0 cback Allows easy Registering on Boards with Profiler activated.
Chatbox Mod  v1.1.9g Smartor Adds an PHP Chatbox to your Forum.
CMX News Mod  v1.0.1 CodemonkeyX Allows you to post News into Cathegories with images shown on the Portal page.
Configurable Disable Message  v1.0.0 Dwing With this Mod you can set an individual Board disable Message.
Contact Mod  v1.0.0 Carsten Schaefer Adds a Contact Form to your Forum. Version remaked for Orion 2.x with PHP 5.x compatibility and integrated TPLs. Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Cracker Tracker Professional  v5.0.3 cback A fully integrated Security System for your Forum. Blocks known Worm Attacks and Floods.
DB Maintenance  v1.3.6 PhilippK This Mod checks and fixes inconsistencies and errors in the database.
Disable Registration  v1.0.4 Flipper With this Mod you can easily disable the Registration in your Forum.
Display Birthdays on Calendar  v1.1.1 Oxpus Shows User Birthdays on Calendar Lite.
Download Mod  v5.0.16a Hotschi, Oxpus, Demolition FABI This mod generate a page of downloads for your forum and provides many functions for Downloading, Sharing and Uploading Files.
Events on Portal  v1.2.3 Oxpus Shows events from Calendar Lite on your Portal
Extended ACP  v1.0.0 cback New ACP Layout for your Forum with extended Functions and faster System.
Extended ICQ Info  v1.2.4 cback Adds an ICQ Popup with many functions to your Forum.
Extended Mod CP  v1.0.0 ShockWire Adds Sticky, Annonce Moderator Buttons Keine Webseite verfügbar.
EZ Portal  v2.1.8 Smartor An easy to use portal System.
EZ Portal Administration  Marcus Thiel Administrate EZ Portal over ACP Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Gender Mod  v1.2.5 Niels Adds the possibility to select your Gender in Profile.
Global Announcements  v1.2.6 Niels Global Announcement Function for your forum. Shows a Topic globally into all Forums.
Hacks / Mods and Credits List  v1.2.0 Nivisec The list you are currently viewing.
Hypercells  v1.x Robin de Boer Hypercells (Mouseover highlights color of table cells) Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Impressum Mod  v1.1.0 AWSW Adds an Impressum to your Forum. Modified for Orion 2.x with rewrited Template Files and ACP Control-Panel.
Knowledge Base + MX Addon  v2.0.2 wGEric Knowledge Base System for your Forum.
Last Visit Mod  v1.2.8 Niels Shows who visited the forum the day.
Lock / Unlock in Thread  v1.0.1 Meik Sievertsen Lock and Unlock Topics during posting. Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Nuvola Icons  v1.0.0 David Vignoni Icons used in Orion 2.x
Online/Offline Indicator  v1.x romans1423 Shows the Online Status of an user in memberlist and into topics. Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Orion Forum  v2.x cback Orion Forum is the Forum System you are currently look at. Orion is a very fast premodded phpBB Forum with many functions and a new Kernel technology.
Orion Profile CP  v2.0.0 cback (for Orion), EGO2000, PhilippT The Orion Profile CP based on the ECP of EGO2000 and PhilippT, but a comple recoded Mod.
Orion Uplink Technology  v1.0.2 cback Orion Uplink in ACP Header of Extended ACP.
Overall Forum Permissions  v1.0.2 Smartor Overall Forum Permissions
OverLIB  v4.2.1 Bosrup JavaSkript Class to add nice DIV Effects into the Forum.
OverLIB Menu and Info Fields  v1.0.0 cback OverLIB Menus and Info Fields for Orion 2.x like Orion Navigation Panel, Permissions, etc.
Page Generation Time  v2.0.0 Smartor Page Generation Time in Footer.
Personal Notes  v1.4.7 Oxpus Adds personal Notes into your Profile CP
Photo Album  v2.0.54 Smartor A Photo Album for your Forum.
QLinks  v1.0.2 Oxpus Scrolling Links for your Portal.
Quick Write PMs  Marc Philoptt PM Popup if you want to Quick Write a PM over viewtopic.php Keine Webseite verfügbar.
RDF Hack  Matthijs van de Water, itst RDF Function for your Forum. Modified for Orion 2.x with ACP Controlpanel and Syndication-Buttons on Portal.
Realname Hack  v1.0.0 Do Hong Nam Realname Field for your Profile. Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Signature Editor Deluxe  EGO2000 Enlarged Signature Editor. Modified for Orion 2.x and BBCode Box Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Skype  v1.0.2 ycl6 Adds a Skype Messenger Field into your Profile Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Slide Menu  v1.0.0 phpMix Slide Menu for ACP
Smilie Creator  v1.0.3 esperitox Simply create Shield Smilies in your Forum. GDLib must be installed on your Server.
Smilie Row Corrector  v1.0.1 cback Smilie Row Corrector makes Smilie Sizes dynamically into the Smilie Tables.
Smilie Upload over ACP  v1.1.0 Thoul Smilie Upload over ACP Keine Webseite verfügbar.
Smilies in Topic Titles  v1.1.1 Suisse Parses Smilies also in Topic Titles
Some Portal Blocks  Smartor Some Portal Blocks for EZ Portal for example Recent Topics, Top Posters, ...
Topic Description  v1.0.5 Morpheus2matrix Description Field for your Topics
View Profile Sig  v1.1.0 Netclectic View User Signature in Profile.
Visit Counter  v1.1.1 Smartor Visit Counter for your Portal
XTreme Style Mod  v2.3.1 CyberAlien This mod is heavily optimized version of phpBB templates system and has some additional features. It compiles and executes files much faster, has cache system that speeds up templates many times, allowes to use php in templates and few other new features

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